Tate is an AKC and CKC registered English Retriever.  He is a stud! Literally and figuratively. (Ask about our rates;)  This boy keeps an eye on all dogs, especially the puppies.  He's a fantastic dad.  When he gets to relax he's a big baby that loves to be snuggled.  He loves his teddy bear, running in the pasture and chasing balls.

 Indi Sue

Indi is an AKC registered English Retriever.  She is a little shy but gains confidence through learning new things.  She loves dinner time, going on walks and car rides.  She is a proper little lady in the car, just sitting politely and watching out the windows.  We adore this sweet girl!

Meet the Parents


Penny is a CKC registered Standard Poodle with champion bloodlines.  She is aloof and smart as Poodles tend to be.  She hangs back to study things out before rushing in.  Seeing her run is a thing of beauty.  She outruns all the dogs and makes it look effortless and graceful.  She loves running in the pasture, playing keep away from the other dogs and  getting her ears rubbed.  She melts our hearts!