About Us

Meet the Taylors

We are Glenn and Wendy Taylor and our first "child" was a loveable black lab puppy named Biko that started our infatuation with dogs.  We added five human children to the family who have all grown up with a dog (or two or three) in the home throughout our 30 years of marriage. 

We live in Burley Idaho on 2.5 acres.  We've built a dog park connected to our shop so our dogs have room to roam and play when they aren't inside laying on someone's lap.  The shop gives us an indoor facility to work with the dogs out of the weather.

We have come to love a couple of breeds in particular in recent years.  First English Retrievers, a cream colored Golden Retriever.  These dogs are highly intelligent, athletic and extremely loving, not to mention drop dead gorgeous!  They make outstanding family dogs, hunting dogs and service or therapy dogs. 

We also love Goldendoodles.  The first goldendoodle we became acquainted with is our "grandson" Kevin the Goldendoodle. (instagram.com/kevin.the.doodle)  Kevin has a goofy and snuggly personality.  He is playful but he is always gentle and never overpowering.  His coat is soft and curly and he doesn't shed!  These are typical goldendoodle traits which make them amazing companions, family dogs and service or therapy dogs.

We love to match our puppies with owners ready to fall in love with one of these wonderful breeds.  Please see our puppy page for availability.