Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

How big will my dog get?

Goldendoodle sizes vary and are estimated by averaging the weight of the parents.  Standards 45-60 lbs.  Minis 20-25 lbs.  Males are generally on the larger end and females on the smaller end.

What are your prices?

Standard sized Goldendoodles  $1200-$1800. 

Mini Goldendoodles $2200-$2500

What options do you have for shipping?
We can usually ship a pup using a Puppy Nanny that flies with your pup to it's destination for around $500.  A pup can also be shipped in cargo with most airlines.  Contact us when shipping is needed and we will find the best solution and price for each situation.

What do I feed my puppy?

Your puppy has been started on a high quality, highly nutritious dog food from PawTree.  This is the best food to help your pup avoid many preventable health issues and lead a long, healthy and active life.  Their food is life long so you will not have to change from a puppy food to an adult food and PawTree delivers right to your door at the interval of your choosing.  Our dogs absolutely love this food and we love the health benefits so much we extend our health guarantee an extra year for pups that are kept on this regimen.  Please order from our Golden Acres account so we have record of use by going to 

We recommend starting with the Puppy Pack to receive your puppy basics at a discounted price.

What shots does my puppy need?

Your puppy needs a series of 3 puppy shots.  We do these shots at 6, 9 and 12 weeks of age.  The number of shots your pup receives from us will depend on their age at the time of purchase.  Please follow up with your vet to receive all needed shots.

Can I register my dog with a Kennel Club?

Litters of Tate and Penny are registered with the Continental Kennel Club which recognizes mixed breeds such as Goldendoodles.  To register your pup you will need to fill out the form we provide and pay a fee of $15.00 to the CKC.  (It can be done online in a matter of minutes.)

Pups of Indi and stud (Bear or Redgi) are not able to be registered because these three are AKC registered dogs and the AKC does not currently recognize mixed breeds.  Your Goldendoodle can however take part in AKC sponsored programs such as Canine Good Citizen and certain agility contests.