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Meet Dad

Bear is a 6 lb miniature poodle owned by Canterbury Canines.  He is a mellow non-yappy poodle who is excellent with kids and adults alike.  These characteristics make him the ideal Dad for our Minis.

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Please contact us if you are interested in a Golden Acres pup.  Our reservation fee is $200. 

                            Thanks so much!

Past Puppies

Indi and Bear's January 27 2021 litter produced just one beautiful healthy pup and he has become king of the castle. Having a single pup gave us an unique opportunity to fill in as his litter mates.  He has been raised completely indoors along side the 4 humans and 4 older dogs of our household.  He has received early stimulation, socialization and undivided attention.  As a result he already has a great start on potty training, crate training and general good manners.  He'll be ready for his new home March 24 2021.  Price is $3000